A different form of ‘capital’

We humans tend to measure the value of most things in life in terms of money. Well, that is no revelation certainly. But I am sure the urge to monetize everything in our lives- including our relations- was never this ubiquitous as it is in these modern times. We just don’t seem able to considerContinue reading “A different form of ‘capital’”

Everything is worth its while…even failure:)

It’s been more than three years since my last post. In fact, I remember writing another one (and that was quite detailed actually) that was mainly about a little experience I had had at doctor’s clinic at that time. I didn’t finish it, and- that goes without saying- didn’t post it. A lot happened inContinue reading “Everything is worth its while…even failure:)”

Fear of the First Step

Human beings are so afraid of ‘the first step’ (I always feel so afraid of writing even the first word!). It is entrenched in our nature, intrinsic to our psychology. The baby is afraid of taking the first step. But at least it’s fear has purely instinctive basis- afraid of falling, afraid of hurting itself:Continue reading “Fear of the First Step”