What if you are not ‘ambitious’…

Is it really necessary to be ambitious to be considered a valuable individual within the social context? What if you are content with the life you’ve got (which might or mightn’t conform to the expectations/standards of those around you) and have no ambitions to be ˋsuccessful´ (as the term is generally understood) in order toContinue reading “What if you are not ‘ambitious’…”

Breaking (from) the influence of ‘negative’ people

It’s a strange fact of life: it takes a large amount of positivity (positive thoughts, company of positive people, positive writing etc.) to impact us enough to cause a decisive shift in our mindsets (or in our lifestyles or actions in general). But it takes ridiculously small doses of negative influence to push us intoContinue reading “Breaking (from) the influence of ‘negative’ people”

What forming new connections means for an ‘Introvert’…

Though I have always known how hard it is to form any connections, I got to ‘practically’ experience exactly how much with Bloganuary 22 challenge. I also learned how to go about it even though it’s hard- and by ‘it’, I mean not simply forming connections but actually initiating them, too. ‘Introvert’ doesn’t necessarily equateContinue reading “What forming new connections means for an ‘Introvert’…”

How do I feel when I look at the stars?

#bloganuary22 When I saw this prompt, the very first thing that came to my mind was, how long has it been since I last looked at the stars? I mean, really looked? And I realised, the last time I did some serious stargazing was quite some time back, when I had gone back home forContinue reading “How do I feel when I look at the stars?”

How am I changing the world?

#bloganuary22 Before getting to changing the world part, I’d say there is another dimension to this question: What am I doing to change myself? Is there anything I am doing to bring about some change (no matter how small) in my own life? I’d say the question of changing your life is actually intrinsic toContinue reading “How am I changing the world?”

Where do I go when I need solitude?

#bloganuary22 It might sound funny at first, but… the kitchen 🙂 For me, the kitchen has always been a place that denotes warmth and cosiness; where I can take a break and reenergise myself (which sounds quite ironic, now that I think about it; it’s generally supposed to be the place for most tiring manualContinue reading “Where do I go when I need solitude?”

My Favourite Part About Myself…

#bloganuary22 It is kind of ironic that the thing I like the most about myself- and which I think is my strongest suit- also happens to be something that often becomes the biggest inconvenience to me. And that is the ability to engross myself completely in whatever I am doing, and making it the soleContinue reading “My Favourite Part About Myself…”

Something that makes me feel strong…

#bloganuary22 I always used to read and hear that strength is innate; no one can hand it to you gift wrapped on a platter, you have to cultivate it yourself. The truth of this statement has etched itself deeper and deeper in my mind as I grew older. It is also true that some partsContinue reading “Something that makes me feel strong…”

A Dream I Remember

#bloganuary22 Speaking about dreams in the literal sense, they involve- more often than not- ridiculous, exaggerated and impossible situations, most of which we don’t even remember later. We wake up feeling disoriented and exhausted as if we just got off a rollercoaster or are coming back from a trip to save the world 🙂 VeryContinue reading “A Dream I Remember”