How do I feel when I look at the stars?

#bloganuary22 When I saw this prompt, the very first thing that came to my mind was, how long has it been since I last looked at the stars? I mean, really looked? And I realised, the last time I did some serious stargazing was quite some time back, when I had gone back home forContinue reading “How do I feel when I look at the stars?”

How am I changing the world?

#bloganuary22 Before getting to changing the world part, I’d say there is another dimension to this question: What am I doing to change myself? Is there anything I am doing to bring about some change (no matter how small) in my own life? I’d say the question of changing your life is actually intrinsic toContinue reading “How am I changing the world?”

Where do I go when I need solitude?

#bloganuary22 It might sound funny at first, but… the kitchen 🙂 For me, the kitchen has always been a place that denotes warmth and cosiness; where I can take a break and reenergise myself (which sounds quite ironic, now that I think about it; it’s generally supposed to be the place for most tiring manualContinue reading “Where do I go when I need solitude?”

My Favourite Part About Myself…

#bloganuary22 It is kind of ironic that the thing I like the most about myself- and which I think is my strongest suit- also happens to be something that often becomes the biggest inconvenience to me. And that is the ability to engross myself completely in whatever I am doing, and making it the soleContinue reading “My Favourite Part About Myself…”

Something that makes me feel strong…

#bloganuary22 I always used to read and hear that strength is innate; no one can hand it to you gift wrapped on a platter, you have to cultivate it yourself. The truth of this statement has etched itself deeper and deeper in my mind as I grew older. It is also true that some partsContinue reading “Something that makes me feel strong…”

A Dream I Remember

#bloganuary22 Speaking about dreams in the literal sense, they involve- more often than not- ridiculous, exaggerated and impossible situations, most of which we don’t even remember later. We wake up feeling disoriented and exhausted as if we just got off a rollercoaster or are coming back from a trip to save the world 🙂 VeryContinue reading “A Dream I Remember”