Something that makes me feel strong…


I always used to read and hear that strength is innate; no one can hand it to you gift wrapped on a platter, you have to cultivate it yourself. The truth of this statement has etched itself deeper and deeper in my mind as I grew older. It is also true that some parts of the past ‘you’ have to die in order to reach new levels of strength.

But we, human beings, do not exist in isolated spaces. We live and interact with other people; there are some we share a special bond of love and closeness with. And, we do not reach anywhere in life without any reliance on or help from those people who love us.

I read a Misty Copeland quote somewhere, that said:

Be strong, be fearless, be beautiful. And believe that anything is possible when you have the right people there to support you.

My family and beautiful quotes like this are what I take new strength and new dose of positivity from, whenever I feel low. And there is a lot of margin for that especially when you are trying to do something for yourself, and are in the phase of taking timid baby steps towards that, testing new waters. There are times when you desperately need someone else to be strong in your place, and to lend you that strength as a capital to launch yourself anew from.

My family provides me with that launch pad, together with inspirational stories of amazing people who have fought odds that dwarf my own troubles and inadequacies. Besides that, I have always found motivational blogs focused on healing, inspiring and encouraging character growth to be a big push that I constantly need for every next step I take. I am firmly of the view (I wasn’t always though 🙂 ) that the significance of motivational blogs and writers/speakers could not be appreciated enough.

Sometimes all it takes is a pat on the back from someone you love telling you everything’s going to be alright, or a single wise quote you come across at random, to give you that much-needed thrust for your blastoff.


  1. Janice Reid says:

    Everything’s going to be alright 😊.

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  2. JanBeek says:

    I really agree with this statement: “Sometimes all it takes is a pat on the back from someone you love telling you everything’s going to be alright … to give you that much-needed thrust for your blastoff.” We’ve had the privilege of hundreds of those kinds of encouragements this week while at Mayo Clinic trying to get answers to my hubby’s congestive heart failure. There is strength in numbers, strength in prayer, strength in encouragement. Thank God!! Thank you, Janice, for your thoughtful response to this post! ❤

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    1. And there’s strength in your sheer presence, in simply being there with each other, in being together. Wishing you strength and hope in this ordeal.

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      1. JanBeek says:

        Thank you so much, Maryam!! ❤

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