A Dream I Remember


Speaking about dreams in the literal sense, they involve- more often than not- ridiculous, exaggerated and impossible situations, most of which we don’t even remember later. We wake up feeling disoriented and exhausted as if we just got off a rollercoaster or are coming back from a trip to save the world πŸ™‚

Very rarely, though, we do get dreams that seem meaningful, feel like premonitions, or even serve as epiphanies. I believe, such dreams quite often have the potency to instil some lessons in us- or to jolt us into making some big lifestyle changes- that may never otherwise happen in our normal lives… where we crawl from day to day, planning big things but, in reality, never even taking the first step.

Coming to the topic, I remember a strange dream that I had, many years ago, where someone told me a person very important to me was coming from abroad on the Eid fest (that was still a couple of months away). The next day, I came to know (when I was awake, obviously:) ), from the very same person, that the dream was shockingly accurate! He wondered how in the world was it possible for me to know (he had purchased the flight ticket a few days ago, and hadn’t told anyone about it) and that it was going to be a surprise. I vividly remember, to this day, the feeling of having chills run down my spine upon hearing this. We both took a few moments to absorb the shock; we still talk about the sheer mystery of it to this day.

However, this is the only dream I can recall that I explicitly remember. Mostly I remember the ‘dream-stories’ of other people… nightmarish dreams that they shared with me in vivid details. I could still recount those stories to anyone from a to z. On another note, I guess it just goes to show how our minds are wired- the same way we remember even the inconsequential gossip about other people while totally forgetting about our own fault lines.

I could blabber for hours about the dreams I weave with waking eyes, though πŸ™‚ Couldn’t we all? We could all write books describing in graphic detail the amazing imaginary castles we build while wide awake!

Sitting in the office chair for long hours, with stiff legs and dreary surroundings, dreaming about starting our own business and becoming our own boss… someday.

Clearing the clutter when everyone’s left for work or school, picking up the laundry, arranging the dishes in the dishwasher, while dreaming about publishing your own cookbook… someday.

And so on. Most of the times, though, we forget we dreamt those dreams, and move on with our ‘waking’ lives. When, in fact, these dreams are the ones most worthy of being remembered and recalled each day, so that some day, we might start taking little steps towards making them true. When forgotten, they leave a bitter aftertaste that we can’t get rid of for the rest of our lives.

However, that’s a discussion for some other day:)

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