It is said about Virginia Woolf that she couldn’t write a novel: she was inherently a poet, but her poetry moulded itself into prose. She received ‘impressions’ from around her, put them together and penned them- well, that’s definitely material for poetry. Her writings and, arguably, her life were governed by ‘stream of consciousness’. Keeping aside the fact that it led to her ending her own life, aren’t all our thought processes, our general musings down to our most trivial and passing thoughts on little incidents of day to day life the same, albeit streams that constantly flow into empty nothingness without creating the teeniest stir in our life? Thoughts and deliberations we even refuse to (consciously) acknowledge?

Do not be alarmed! You have, by no means, come to a ‘literary’ blog πŸ™‚ It is merely a blog that tries to put the thoughts and perspective of a common person (me!) into words, to manifest the inputs received from ordinary, day to day life into something that can be voiced and communicated. It is as simple as that, but perhaps that is what makes it special (just a bitπŸ™‚). Each and every one of us can think, perceive. And almost all of us can speak, but few have the courage (or even bother) to try to voice what they perceive. This blog is just an attempt at precisely the same: an endeavour to bring into open the raw, unadulterated impressions and inputs from each and everything in life- nothing is insignificant; every thought, every ‘view’ is worth it πŸ™‚

Lastly, the point I started with (the Virginia Woolf allusion hanging in the airπŸ˜€), the medium or style I have chosen might not be adequate for the kind of content I am aiming at- may be it is material for poetry (I flatter myself!); some, however, might not even consider it worthy of a simple blog like this one. The style might not be conversational or colloquial. It might not even be properly reflective or introspective. BUT it will be what you make it to be!

This blog is not about personal development or life improvement in the sense these are generally understood; no overtly structured articles full of practical advice. Everything is written solely with the belief that sometimes the most important thing is just listening to and trying to understand your own mind and heart, and that it can be best done by putting what passes through them into words- spontaneous, raw, original and honest; by having a keen eye on- and for- everything that is ‘life’, and the guts to lay it out all in the open. Sometimes, this is the best therapy and the best character development course you can take.

So I am going to take this plunge for myself, to see where this striving for a little bit of clarity through writing can get me. And you can join me and decide whether it gets YOU anywhere!

Happy reading:)

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